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Ensemble Dark Horse: Garrus, Ivy, and Krom instantly gained popularity for their character designs, unique personalities, and being genuinely helpful and friendly to Alex and Nik. Discuss your favorite books, characters … Nightbound. 40 notes. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. choices: stories you play choices nb choices choices nightbound choices nb nightbound nik x m!mc nik x mc nik ryder cal x m!mc cal x mc cal lowell 18 notes Mar 31st, 2020 Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Welp, been a while since I played Choices, and only recently I decided to pick up where I left. Choices Game Character Art Suit Play Suits Formal Suits Figure Drawing. Felt like they couldn’t decide which trope to go with: the brooding, mysterious guy or the snarky, confident jerk with a heart of gold and landed somewhere awkwardly in between.. Language: English Words: 1,873 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 5 Hits: 78 Then there is the “jealous boy”… I know a lot of people wonder if this could be Nik. 748 notes. May 15, 2019. coochiescout3435 liked this . playchoices nightbound. 40 notes Aug 1st, 2019. gamengirl liked this . 18 notes. a Nightbound holiday special!! choices game playchoices nightbound nice art op!! nb nik nik ryder playchoices choices nightbound mc nb mc nightbound choices nb nightbound incorrect quotes nightbound choices choices mc choices incorrect quote choices incorrect quotes playchoices inccorect quotes I think The Prince of Swords is Nik “He knows more than he says, and the dark in him is strong.” And Nik is always with us, hating when we run off. I don’t know if this is the dark side to Nik, … Nik Ryder - suit | Nightbound. ... *nik speaks* the fate: 736 notes. playchoices nightbound choices nb nik ryder nik x mc nik diamond scene diamond scenes he promises she wont even lose a pinky toe tomoichi sato could never jk ily tom 38 notes May 15th, 2019 nik x mc nightbound choices nik ryder pixelberry nik ryder x mc nightbound pb mc x nik mc x nik ryder choices nightbound choices spoilers nightbound spoiler. it lives in cordonia coming soon to a choices app in your device. abunchofbadchoices. i just realized i never really drew anything for nightbound and since it just ended, here's my favorite trio. garlickk. 1. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; … since we never got one for real ): haha. phoebe is talking choices 21 notes Jun 29th, 2019 The way Nik opened up about himself, the protectiveness, etcetera. Nightbound book. dr ethan ramsey ethan open heart dr ethan ramsey x mc ethan choices open heart choices fan art open heart choices i’d say yes KeepCreative 214 notes Apr 19th, 2020 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. At that point I was sure on Nik but then I read those damn Cal x MC fanfictions, which I add are well-written and beautiful, I’m completely torn. bonaofsavoy liked this . I love the interactions between Nik and MC in the book. r/Choices: This is a fan-run community for the mobile Pixelberry game *Choices: Stories You Play*. I couldn’t agree more! nik ryder: i said if you died i wouldn’t miss you. nightbound choices fanfiction nik ryder nik x mc playchoices choices: stories you play pixelberry nik ryder x mc phoebe writes choices nightbound nik nightbound fanfiction choices kristin jones. Fancy alternate witch hunter outfit for Nik! Creator's Pet: Alex learns the most about Nik without premium options and he often acts as the leader of the group.His characterization usually sidelines Vera, Cal, and Katherine despite their importance to the plot. nightbound nik ryder katherine nb nightbound katherine choices choices: stories you play nightbound theory i’m rambling but am i missing something here? choices: stories you play choices nb choices choices nightbound choices nb nightbound nik x m!mc nik x mc nik ryder cal x m!mc cal x mc cal lowell. Saved by Mari. Choices and Storyscape Hoe — Upstate Job - Nik Ryder x MC. (could be interpreted as MC/Nik, or MC/Cal, orrrrr Nik/Cal/MC all together!!) I just wanted a way to save all of my Choices Nightbound/Cal/Nik/Vera collages together all in one spot collages together in one spot jlpplays1editsnightbound 1.5M ratings 11 looked at this photo #art #my art #choices #choices: stories you play #nightbound #choices: nightbound #nik #nik ryder Upstate Job - Nik Ryder x MC Nik Ryder x MC (Carmen) New Orleans was magical at night. Summary: Brooke Williams is a siren, who swore off singing and music as a whole ever since a Nighthunter nearly killed her when she was eighteen. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t ... nightbound nik nik ryder nik x mc nik ryder x mc bloodbound adrian raines. The cupcake line from Nik also annoyed me a little, it just sorta came out of nowhere.

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